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    By Nafeesa  Fatima 

“The strongest factor for Success is Self Esteem: Believing you can do it, believing you deserve it and believing you’ll get it”

90 % people destroy their life by developing inferiority complex to a great extent. They feel that they don’t have good friends and are not affluent enough to experience   the luxuries of life

They are neither beautiful nor talented, to get the reverence of the people. Adding to their woes….their children aren’t successful and accomplished.

“They haven’t achieved anything worthwhile yet.” culmination of these thoughts not only leads to depression but also deprives them of their happiness and self-motivation. They also develop inferiority complex by comparing their lives with those people who are above them. This comparison results in green eyed jealousy and the glitter and glamour surrounding the lives of the rich and the famous blinds them from doing proper judgements of their lives. We judge people’s beauty, intelligence and financial status which are illusionary and fleeting.

Social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram always write about the brighter side of lives .in fact they reveal the edited version of their lives.

Even the recent study in psychology and personality development exposes the fact that people feel elated and comfortable to reveal their positive responses and emotions.


When we feel inferior we start feeling ” I am not worthy”, “I don’t deserve success or happiness “and we become miserable.

If  we evaluate our worth, by comparing with others then we will always be losing in the game of life because we will never reach a point where we would be better than others in everything. If We realize that -we are unique, powerful, and capable  than others in our own  way then we will reach Pinnacle of success.


So next time when we find ourselves comparing with someone else let’s stop for a second and ponder, is the comparison really worthy?

Ruminating about someone else beauty intelligence and success is both time-consuming and ineffective.

If we really want to live a happy and a fulfilled life then, we should dedicate our time and energy to see the positive side of life.

According to recent study, this feeling can be overcome by the following approaches:

1 – Cognitive Behavioral therapy – teaches people to examine the negative thoughts and feelings they’re having in the moment and gradually change them over time by checking their validity.

2 – Mental filtering – converting negative thoughts into positive by appreciating your success and compliments.

3 – Not jumping into negative conclusion without any proper evidences.

4 – Last but not the least, Not to mistake feelings for facts.