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A Memorable chapter from my quarantine diary!!!

A memorable chapter from my quarantine diary!!!

By Lahari Girish

When coronavirus broke out it triggered isolation, loss of life, and income. It threw life out of gear and people experienced extreme boredom and depression due to lack of physical activities and personal interaction with friends. But when I turned the pages of my life during the lockdown l felt the blanket of happiness wrapped around me because I had spent quality time with my near and dear ones.
This lockdown was the best time I’ve ever spent with them. Though it was boring at first, as days passed things took to an interesting turn. . All children sat in front of the TV but my story was extremely different, I spent most of my time reading the Harry Potter Series which transported me to the land of magic and witches. I relished the traditional mouth-watering delicacies prepared by my mom. The lockdown provided me with ample time and space to practice kickboxing in the necklace road and sanjivayya park now and then l missed my school and my friends. At that time the news of the commencement of online classes was a blessing in disguise because I could see the faces of my friends and teachers. This lockdown also gave us immense time to discover and explore new horizons. To my amazement. I discovered my interest in history. I became a voracious reader and read epics like the Mahabharata, Ramayana, and Vishnu Puran. They not only enhanced my knowledge but also inculcated moral values in me.

Being a “disciple of Swami Ramdev Baba l have not only mastered the difficult asanas but also performed them on yoga day
Thanks to our pharma companies for producing COVID 19 vaccine. slowly life is limping back to normalcy. we are attending school and enjoying our student’s life.