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Rekindle the spark of compassion

Rekindle the spark of compassion

By M. S. Sri Kavya (School Counsellor)

We can’t heal the world today but we can begin with a voice of compassion, a heart of love, and an act of kindness

-Mary Davis

As the world tumbled down with Covid-19, we found ourselves dealing with isolation, grief, and many other negative emotions.

Few studies suggest that children and adolescents felt lonely, depressed, lost, and anxious due to isolation, bullying, and rejection from family and school.

 Thus the pandemic had made life even more difficult.  

History depicts that we humans survived in groups and would have become extinct if left alone, isolated in the wild. Even now, our brain perceives rejection from groups as a threat. Although we cannot solve the issue entirely, we can start by treating people around us with respect, love, and acceptance. Showing little more compassion, and being less judgmental with an inclination to help others.

In my practice as a counsellor, it is gut-wrenching to see children and adults not being accepted by their parents, family, peers, or colleagues. Their words and subtle expressions silently scream in agony. With immense resilience, they fight their battles every day.

In these difficult times, let us connect with people; ask them how they are doing and what they are feeling, and assure them how we are there for them, with genuine intent. Next time if we see someone different from us or experiencing pain, we should take this opportunity to help them to come out of this situation. We humans deep inside are the same, looking for reassurance and acceptance in the ways we know. As they say, the only way out is through it; let us move through these difficult times by being less judgmental and more compassionate, making this world a better and more beautiful place to live in.