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School is Fun

School is Fun

By  Samanvi . K       Class III-C      

It is fun going to school. There we meet our teachers and friends. We learn new concepts every day to grow as an intellectual, our teachers are so caring and teach us so well. Every morning, we reach school at the earliest to give a warm handshake, attend the school assembly with a great motivational speech by our respected principal. Our classrooms are very much organized and interactive, it is a wonderful place where all our friends’ gossip, tell stories, chase each other, celebrate birthdays, share snacks with besties and do happy hour activities while learning.

Learning is always fun; I especially like the library period where we get to read new story books and novels at the school library. I also like games and dance periods because we run into the playground and play different games and practice new moves.

It is always very exciting to participate in our school competitions, yoga and meditation sessions, festival celebrations, stage performances, sports and annual day functions etc.

I have been missing my friends, teachers and all the fun we have at school, during this pandemic. However, I am enjoying my virtual classes for now. I thank all my teachers and parents for supporting me in continuing my education without any disturbances during this pandemic.

I wish the virus would just go away so school opens again and make our life more interesting. Stay home stay safe.