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What are your expectations for 2022?



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2020 and 2021 had been disastrous years for me and the whole world because of the covid – 19 pandemic. The education sector was affected adversely along with the economy of the country. The world had come to a grinding halt. poverty, loss of precious lives of the near and dear ones, and unemployment stared at the face of humanity.

Personally, my academic performance was affected very drastically because of the online classes. My grades plummeted from 95%to85%…due to isolation and lack of peer interactions. I missed my teachers and their face-to-face interactions.

In 2022, I am expecting to improve my grades in all the subjects.  To achieve my goals I have chalked out a schedule for myself. I know that a stitch in time saves I will start preparing from the beginning of the year. I will study from 5 am to 7 am in the morning with small breaks in between. I will try to revise my topics as many times as possible so that I become perfect in all the topics and score better. I will take the help of my teachers to comprehend the difficult concepts better. I know the mistakes that I usually make in the exams and try to avoid them. I will also try to attend classes every day and not miss school because of trifle issues I will not ignore even the small slip tests and study well and score good marks. In short, I will aim to reap the qualitative benefits of traditional learning.

Globally   I expect the people to have a healthy and safe year.  I would be on cloud nine to see that despite the arrival of the omicron variant people are surprisingly positive about defeating death due to the availability of vaccination for the teens and booster dose for sixth plus citizens.. The world economy should improve and the fragrance of peace should spread all over the world.

I too wish to spread the feeling of love and happiness because nothing is impossible to achieve if we are happy, contented, and confident from the core of our hearts.