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What is A I?

Artificial Intelligence

By N S Karthik

Artificial intelligence whenever we hear this term the attractive images of Siri and Alexa flash in our minds. They are the first voice assistants based on artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the code that gives the ability to a device to perform a specific work till the code ends. Most of the time in factories the code is kept endless as the huge machinery in those factories needs to do endless work regularly. Artificial intelligence is a great achievement by the humans. Now robots are being built with these codes for example-Sophia, its a robot capable of displaying human expressions and interact with people. It is designed for research, education and entertainment. All these have been the greatest achievements of humans. There are also robots to assist us in cleaning and the doctors in the surgeries


The development of robots have an adverse effect in the employment of the people, soon many men would lose their precious jobs because an employer would prefer investing in robots than employing and paying thousands of people monthly . For example  Alexa entertains you by playing your favourite song and assist you in switching on your AC’s and Geyser you tend to become a couch potato and a store house of diseases.

So   it is of paramount importance to live hard than to die easy “, we should enjoy everything moderately.