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According to Linda Alston,

“We should rise up, draw in life breath and march on till victory is won”.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome our Honourable Chief Guest, Mr. Paul Gunashekar, our founder Principal Dr. Mrs. B. Jyothi Reddy, our Vice Principal Mrs. B. Priya Reddy, our Academic Advisor Mrs. Chandra Dorai and Board of Members.

Ever since its inception in 1986, Niraj’s, strength has increased in leaps and bounds. Now we have 1250 students and 100 qualified and dedicated teachers, and we stand tall among I.C.S.E. schools.

Niraj, stepping into the 3rd decade, once again has proved its academic excellence with 83 distinctions and 1 first class out of 84 candidates who had appeared this year for the board examination. Vamsi Krishna, our school topper has secured 94% while Yamini V. has secured the second position with 92% to her credit. This outstanding result speaks volumes about the untiring efforts put by our staff and students. I take this opportunity to thank all the parents for their wholehearted cooperation.

Niraj ardently believes that the process of true education requires honest, consistent and constructive interaction in different levels with love, concern and commitment. For the students it is their Alma Mater.

The introduction of smart boards reveals that in Niraj we leave no stone unturned to break the fetters of monotonous teaching, and to implement innovative methods to give wings to our students’ scientific temperaments and to stir their potential in lateral thinking. It also makes dull and abstract concepts lively. Thus we have moved from providing information based learning to concept and knowledge based learning.

Niraj vehemently believes that education flourishes only through competitions. To foster creativity, competitive spirit and to develop the inherent and myriad talents of students they are encouraged to take part in international competitions at regional and national level. We also zealously equip our students with effective communication skills to enable them to develop their social and emotional equation with the rest of the world.

A basket ball tournament was organized by Niraj Educational Society in Niraj International School, in memory of our Late Chairman, Mr. B. Raminder Reddy. He was a visionary on whose shoulders the mantle of responsibility sat well. Eleven schools participated in the event. The students had put up an impressive show. Medals were won and lost, there were tears and cheers and the participants learnt the truth of these words,

“in the game of life, the man who wins Is the man who tries”

Human excellence is our ultimate goal. So we have a counsellor to instill exemplary characteristic traits and right values in our children, so that they become ideal citizens of our country. A special educator has been appointed to meet the special needs of the slow learners and dyslexic students. Additional class rooms for Economics and Home Science are constructed in the ground floor. The preprimary and primary students are provided with new furniture. This summer, the twin city has experienced a tremendous water crisis. So we have constructed rainwater harvesting system as a precautionary measure. “Cleanliness is next to Goodliness” to maintain the class room spick and span we have introduced new mechanized mopping machine

To explore, grow and to broaden the students’ horizon in new frontiers, Niraj conducts field trips regularly. The preprimary and primary children have visited the nearby post office, fire station, Birla Planetarium, Spencer Market, a paper recycling plant and the zoo.

The middle and high school children were taken to A.P. State Museum, Salarjung Museum, Nizam Museum and the Public Gardens. Excursions are also organized for Middle and High school children to enhance their knowledge about different places. The Middle school children visited Bangalore and Mysore and the High school visited Kulu-Manali respectively.

“Be the change you want to see”. These valuable words of Gandhiji tells us that it is time for progress, for growth, to instill good values in our children and to reach higher pinnacles of excellence in education.