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Our Day Starts with Sholkas

Our day start with recitation sholkas and stotrams of each diety as well as good songs in music.

Yoga Classes for Students

Students being taught yoga.

Our Chemistry Lab

Our Students busy experimeting in Chemistry Lab.

our biology Lab

Its our biology Lab - Students learning on living science

Computer Lab

Our middle School Children Working on systems.

Our Library

Updating their Knowledge in the library.

Our Children's Assembly

Our Principle expressing her views and aspiration to the children in the Assembly.

Our Daining Hall

Lunch ka time hai disturb nai karna.

Niraj is conscious about the health of it students. It takes care to provide nutritious, whole some vegetarian meal prepared under hygienic conditions, also ensuring the supply of clean water for the students.

Good sports facilities are provided with professional coaching in cricket, basket ball and chess.

Excursions, picnic and field trips form a part of our curriculum re-enforcing their interest in learning.

Reading habit is inculcated by providing well equipped library with more than 10000 books. The library has a wide range of CD/DVD collection which help in increasing the interest in learning among students.

Well equipped physics, chemistry, biology, robotics, computer and Home science labs enhance the interest amongst the future scientists, engineers and doctors, making learning joyful and practical.

The class rooms are equipped with projectors.

Yoga – In the words of Christ, “The Kingdom of heaven is within us” And we can realize it and lead a composed and well balanced life in the competitive world through meditation. Practice of yoga is made compulsory for the students of Niraj to equip them with the same.

In short, Niraj brings education and learning closer to life.

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Address : Saadat Manzil, 6-3-864,
Ameerpet, Hyd - 500 016,
Telangana. India
Phone : +91-40-234 135 43,
630 35 228 21, 6666 14 86
Fax : +91-40- 66612646,
E-Mail : [email protected]
E-Mail : [email protected]
Website : www.nirajpublicschool.com
Head Mistress: [email protected]
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