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A few highlights of our Pre-Primary School

In a traditional classroom, it is not about figuring things out for oneself, it’s about being told the ‘right’ answer and being expected to recall it when required. The word ‘teaching’ becomes synonymous with ‘telling’ and ‘teaching’ in traditional classrooms is all about imparting knowledge. It’s seldom about active learning by the child.

To further this process of learning, at Niraj, we have adopted iDiscoveri’s XSEED curriculum. This curriculum helps generate motivation and curiosity in teacher sand learners; it promotes understanding of concepts, encourages hands – on experience, a part of the learner’s real – life. All this builds in the child, immense self confidence.

Learning occurs best when children are surrounded by activities, objects and experiences that relate to each other in some meaningful may.

Activity Based Learning

All teachings at primary is Activity based. Skits are prepared for English and social lessons. Different roles of characters in the skit are allotted to different children in the class. The zeal and zest of the students can be seen while performing the activity/ skit on the stage.

We also conduct various games, experiments, activities in subject like Maths, Science. For example, to make students understand the concept of money, an activity on buying and selling is done in Maths. Presentation on the lessons are done using different aids for social and science by the students. Activity based learning not only stimulates the thinking of the child but also emphasis on concept formation.

The students are given ample opportunities to channelise their thin potential in various activities which helps them to participate and involve better in the learning process.

  • X seed takes in to account the development stages from pre school years, namely physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual domains laying secure foundations for future learning.
  • It seeks to create lifelong learners with the true belief that every child is unique and special.
  • The programme is primarily designed to nurture the growth of children’s knowledge, understanding of self and the world around, through experiences which are both concrete and abstract.
  • They are streamlined as EVS, English and Maths. The themes have been chosen keeping in mind children’s interest areas.
  • Keeping the above in the foreground, the goals for X seed primary programme has been designed around the understanding that students will meet academic challenges by developing skills with enthusiasm and diligence
  • Thus X seed curriculum includes myriad activities for students and strives to achieve a balance between the search for understanding, the acquisition of essential skills, the development of positive attitude and opportunity for positive action.

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