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“Education begins from the time of conception as the mother begins to take up the responsibility of the child”

– Mahatma Gandhi.

Education starts at home and extends itself to school. Thus, right from the tender age, out school concentrates on these young and impressionable minds. Our school has been a forerunner in imparting quality education while keeping within its purview the need for developing a well – balanced personality.

The curriculum of our pre – primary focuses on developing skills in the areas of motor control, communication, social and emotional development. Subjects like English, Maths and general knowledge are introduced through activities.

The school has adopted the i – Discoveri Xseed curriculum which aims at a holistic development nurturing body, mind, and soul, encouraged and facilitated through well – trained child – friendly teachers.

Equal emphasis is given to an experiential learning environment and intellectual growth. They are supported through attractive learning aids like age appropriate toys, flash cards, charts, models and puppets.

Art / Craft, music, dance and games are much loved part of their school life. Skit, role play, dramatization, audio – visual aids make learning a joyful experience, thus enhancing their creativity and imaginative skills. They also learn social interaction with their peers and adults.


A few highlights of our Pre-Primary School