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“A dignified lady with a warm smile that lights up hearts” – this would aptly describe her in one line. Dr (Mrs) B.Jyothi Reddy, founder Principal has done her Ph.d in Hindi literature and has a B.Ed to her credit too.

Dr. B. Jyothi Reddys passion for reading began at a very young age. She read widely, prose and poetry. Poetry especially mystical poetry gave her an insight to see life beyond death.

Influenced by the depth of thought in mystical poetry, combined, with a deep knowledge of Vedic philosophy inspired her to do her doctorate. For her thesis the topic she selected was “Philosophy of nature and mystical elements in S.N.Pant and P.B.Shelley’s poetry which in Hindi is “Prakruti Tatv evam Rahasyatmak Bodh Paksh Sumitranandan Pant aur Shelly ke Kavita mein hai”. The core of her thesis is a hymn to intellectual beauty. A deep spirituality & a high regard for ethical values are the corner stones of her serene personality. She firmly believes that nature and gardens bring her closer to God. Consequently, she spends a good part of her day, gardening and tending to the plants and thoughts about helping people around her occupies all her working hours She is a true patriot and wished to serve her country by moulding the personality of the young with special attention to their heart and soul. With this in mind she started Niraj Public School in 1986. She strongly believes in providing education for the differently abled and the under privileged. She provides the infrastructure and other material help to other schools underprivileged.

She is a voracious reader and an avid traveller. Yoga helps her keep calm in the midst of stress.

The young dynamic Principal of Niraj Public School is a man with vision. Improving the infrastructure, child – centered learning, making learning a pleasurable experience are all what he firmly believes in. He is the man who is at the helm of affairs. Smart and suave, pleasant – natured, with a disarming smile, he handles all matters with firmness and tact. He has made the classrooms colourful and equipped them with less projectors. A sports man from his school days onwards, he plays cricket and believes in encouraging the team spirit amongst the teachers.

Attractive and gracious, the charming Priya Reddy, the Vice – Principal of the school, oversees the work done by the teachers of the Pre – Primary & Primary section. She is actively involved with every aspect of the school. Alert and observant. She is always at hand to guide the teachers.

She comes with over 20 years of rich administrative and academic
experience. She has an extensive educational background, completing
MBA, PGDBM and B. Ed. Her experience stretches out to various positions
and levels of school administration. She is dedicated and passionate in
improving and perfecting the nuances for the betterment of the students.
She has an ever positive outlook and is very resourceful in dealing with any

Extremely confident, dignified and perpetually smiling our Headmistress Dr.Mrs.Lakshmi Krishnan has twenty three years of experience in the field of education.

She conducts herself with poise, dignity and confidence. With many years of experience behind her, she is fully equipped to manage the student community. She is very focussed on getting outstanding Board Examination Results.

With an objective of getting good Board Examination results, she looks into every aspect of the academics of all three sections – the Pre-Primary, Primary the High School and the Special Education department. She believes in instilling sound values and in disciplining the mind and body of the child. She has always encouraged positive thinking.


A genial personality and modest to the core, Mrs. Neela Krishnamurty has many years of teaching experience to her credit. She has a good rapport with her students and is able to make all the concepts very clear to her students.

Her vast reading and grip over vocabulary have added depth to her teaching.

She is the Hindi Supervisor & has been associated with Niraj School for the last 27 years. She has also been with the History and Civics department and as supervisor for several years. She has been instrumental in teaching the students Hanuman Chalisa.

She has been an examiner for the ICSE Examination and a team leader for many years. Cheerful, pleasant, lively, dynamic Manju Bhashini is a hard worker and loved immensely by her colleagues and students. She authored History books for classes VI, VII and VIII, which has been published.

Mrs. Mitchelle Michael is the Incharge for the Pre-Primary Section of Niraj Public School.

An efficient administrator, she is very involved in her work. Cheerful and genial, she is a dynamic lady and an asset to the institution.

She is the Head of the Department of Physics. Clarity in teaching is her forte. She makes the best of use of the technology available has a useful teaching aid to enhance the level of understanding among students. Her focus is on developing a scientific outlook on life and an analytical way of thinking.

Hardworking and competent Mrs. Namirita Saxena, is the Head of the Department of Chemistry. With her wide experience she has made the subject extremely interesting for her students. She has depth of knowledge and coupled with, this she equips the students with the ideal guidance to prepare them for there examinations. Her asset is commitment to whatever she takes up.

She is the Head of the Department of Geography who with her disarming smile, believe in relating her subject to daily life. To increase the understanding of the subject she uses simple teaching techniques. Her focus is on developing confidence in the students and also inculcating interest in her subject, Geography.

A highly popular teacher, Jyoshna has been working as a Senior teacher of the Department of Computers since 2016. She has a Masters in Computers, a B.Ed and has nine years of teaching experience. To motivate the students, to inculcate their interest and enthusiasm and to enhance their level of understanding she has very ingeniously used technology effectively. She has a good command over “programming language”. Her assets are a thorough grip of the subject and meticulous organization and preparation of the subject content. She has a good rapport with her students. Under her able guidance the students have become very comfortable and confident of the subject.

Mrs. Noureen Fatima is a dedicated faculty, since 6 years. She is a B.Sc, B.Ed graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics. She not only brings out the potential of the students, but also makes Home science a fun-filled affair by encouraging them to prepare myroid mouth watering delicacies. She is very amicable with her students and under her able guidance the students have excelled in academics.

I am morally strong and serious and intellectually curious. An optimist by nature. I have a passion for teaching mathematics and I sincerely try to reach out to each and every student. I have developed excellent rapport with my students. My personal interest is to bring out the potential of the students. Vehemently I believe in teamwork. I strive for perfection in all my endeavors.

Reshma Kaur, an M.A B.Ed has twenty years of teaching experience to her credit. She takes Environmental Applications for classes VIII to X. Her deep involvement with the subject and her excellent rapport with the students have inculcated a deep love for the subject in her students. She is indeed a friend, guide and mentor to her students. Reshma is independent and extremely diligent.

She is the head of the Biology Department. Her forte is an excellent rapport
with the students. She only has a good subject knowledge but also uses
technology and teaching aids effectively to make teaching interesting. She
aims to develop the scientific acumen of the students.

She has worked as a special educator for many years in Niraj Public School. Very gentle, patient and caring, Padmaja works wonders with a special children who are in her care. She puts in a lot of hardwork in her role as supervisor of the Special Section.

She is dedicated, hardworking and committed to her work. She has a tendency to easily connect to her students and take up responsibilities at work. She believes in “being there” for children and anyone else who needs her help during their emotional and psychological needs. She is an epitome of perfectionism for any task that she takes up. She is keenly interested and enthusiastic in rendering services and contributing to the society as much as possible by bringing to the table the proficiencies that she possesses.